Sunday, 6 May 2018

Red Wine Card, Embossed Acetate, 8x8

There's a little story behind this card.

It's the reason why this embossed acetate layer was added in the first place...  although I have to admit that I think I actually quite like it.

What is it they say?  Necessity is the Mother of Invention?

You see, this is yet another 8x8 card that hubby had asked me to make for him for work - with not an awful lot of notice for someone who was already juggling a few projects at the time.

The brief?

Turning 60, male, likes wine and photography.

So I said yes knowing full well it would be a quick card.  Super quick in fact, as I have to make another with the same brief for the following week.

So long story short...  found a picture online (eventually), printed it out on to copy paper to check the size, then wanted to print on to photography paper.

The problem was we were low on ink and it's not due to be delivered in time and I'm not going out to get some.

So I hope for the best and print out a copy...  only to find those dreaded stripes running all across the image.

Do you know the ones I mean?

That's why I came up with a design with embossed acetate.

It hides those lines and you would never know!

How good is that?!!


Hope this little tip helps somebody out some day...

Donna. x

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Craft Consortium 'Wildflower Meadow' Treat Box - With Sequins

I have a simple little treat box idea to share with you today, using the cardboard from the cover of the Wildflower Meadow Collection - Premium Paper Pad.

It's also a great way to gift some sequins (also part of the collection).

Simply split a bag into two, three or even four of those small resealable bags that you can buy (depends on the size of your treat box), place it inside at the front to seal the aperture...  with maybe a small chocolate treat behind (?) and 'hey presto'...

I've decorated mine with a stamped, painted and varnished image and added a few charms, too!

The sides of the box have also been decorated, using one of the designs from the premium paper pad collection along with toppers, rhinestones...

...  and even a sequin!

Here's the list of supplies used...



Craft Consortium really do sell some of the most beautiful things...

If this is your style of crafting I would encourage you to take a look at their website for yourself.

I don't think you'll be disappointed...

Donna. x

Friday, 4 May 2018

Craft Consortium 'Wildflower Meadow' Card, Hello, Shrew

On or two of you may remember a huge 8x8 'Hello' card that I made quite recently...

Today's card uses the negative space from that card and is another way to use up some of those offcuts of pretty papers you may have lying around...

I've scored the kraft card into four sections, slightly distressed and inked some of the edges and varied my stamping strength/the number of times I've reapplied ink to give some variation to the stamped edges on this card.

Want to see the list of Craft Consortium supplies used?



As ever, if you have any questions about how this was made all you have to do is ask...

Enjoy your weekend.

Donna. x