Friday, 5 January 2018

Blast From The Past... My favourite TYI tag ever!

I have so enjoyed my time as a DT member of Tag You're It, and I mean that in all sincerity - especially as I had only been blogging online for a very short time when Tracey allowed me to become part of her team.

So today's post is a 'blast from the past' as we were all asked if we had a favourite tag we had made to share.

I remember making this tag. 

I was still using my Ipad for photo's and my editing skills were...  well...  not very good to say the least (see darker photo below).

I would have taken a new photo but this tag has long since gone, so I made do with a revamp - though still using the same editing app as I haven't embraced changing to anything else.
(I mean seriously, I have a craft room to try and keep straight and that's a full time battle in itself)!

So yes, I've grown and changed in some ways thanks to this wonderfully fun challenge site.

I hope it's helped you on your craft journey, too...

and if you are one of the lovely people who has ever stopped by for a visit -


Donna. x

Santoro Kori Kumi - Sale!!!

Just a quick post today highlighting a small portion of stock that's got a massive 25% off right now, so if you like the look of the pretty resin flowers or ribbons and want to see more, why not head on over to the Craft Consortium website and click on the 'Sale Items' tab on the left.

Thanks for stopping by...

Donna. x

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

8x8 Wedding Display Piece, Easel Backed, Christmas

Way, way back at some point during the early summer months of this year I was asked if I would make a display piece for a Christmas Wedding - using Royal Blue, Silver, Cream and White.
My only other part of the brief was that it had to look 'Christmassy' AND suit a wedding theme of ribbons and baubles.

So I made a start on this design months ago, shelved it away and came back to it recently to finish it off.

I've never met who it's intended for.

Hope she likes it!

My main challenge for this design was that I hate, loathe and detest the colour blue!
I've never liked the colour - even as a child.

Now I've just got to figure out how much to ask for it!

Stay warm, friends.
Spring will be back eventually!

Donna. x