Monday, 23 April 2018

Baby Card, Patchwork, Panda

One or two of you may possibly recognise this Panda from a tag I made last year.

My husband had asked me to make yet another dreaded 8x8 card - this time for a woman in the office due for maternity leave, so I had the idea to combine this tag with a patchwork theme.

Patchwork and Nature have nothing to do with each other, I know.  But once I have an idea I just have to try and make it work...

Try being the operative word, but hey - it kept me busy for a while!

'Inventive' was the word they used in the office!

Silly hubby thought it was a compliment...


It's an 8x8 so I'm gonna hate it to some degree or other not matter what.

But that dungaree charm IS just THE cutest...  don't you think?


Thanks for putting up with my plethora of posts today!

Just playing catch up and trying to stay on top of things...

Hugs to you...


Donna. x

Craft Consortium Decoupage Tray, Layered Patterns

I never make anything for me.  

I don't know why that is.  

I normally make something just for 'making its sake' or because it's a project for a DT I'm on.

So this is a rarity for me -

But you may recognise this paper pairing from a different project I worked on!

Let me show you...

Close ups...

And one 'shabby chic' daisy...

This 'lives' in my craft room and is where I store the newest release that Craft Consortium kindly sends to me for DT work.  

Notice the layered patterned paper?

I guess possibly not if you are unfamiliar with their designs.

Now do you see what I've done?

I've layered the papers - one on top of the other.

Of course what I love most about this is the illusion of depth it gives.   

White acrylic paint, a few die cuts, silver gilding wax and plenty of spray varnish...  Who would have thought that this started off as the ugliest of dark green trays?

Shabby chic really is such fun to make.  


Will you be inspired to give this idea a go, I wonder?

Craft Consortium already have so many lovely decoupage papers available, plus some new ones that have just been added to the range.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by today...


Donna. x

Craft Consortium 'Wildflower Meadow' Library Tag...

The thing I love most about 'library style' or 'pocket style' tags is the scope they give to add layers. 

I count six different paper designs on the project I have to show you today - plus toppers, lace, twine, a charm, sequins...  and yet somehow it doesn't look cluttered at all.

The vast majority of this design shows Craft Consortium's newest addition to their ever growing range in partnership with Hackney & Co.  

It's name?  

Wildflower Meadow.

And it's a truly wonderful, beautifully exquisite collection to work with.

Let me show you today's project...

For those of you that missed my last post, I will reiterate again that this collection has sold out.

But it will be back on Create & Craft TV,  8am (GMT) this coming Wednesday, 25th April.

I can't wait to see what you might make with this paper range for yourselves...


Donna. x