Thursday, 12 May 2016

Button Card, Peeping James, Male/Female

I reconnected with an old friend that I hadn't seen for a number of years recently...  She's one of those kind hearted souls that will do her best to help anybody.

This card is one of three I'll be posting over the next little while that are all baby themed...  and all for her.  She's helping me out by trying to keep me busy.

I'm still not quite ready to go into details as yet (if ever)...  but suffice it to say that this is the hardest, saddest year I have ever had to face - and it will not get better.  Not ever.  Yes, I know it will hurt less in time, but trust me on this one.  There is no coming back from it.

So...   I'm sorry that I'm behind on my commenting yet again.  I do save the emails I receive so I will catch up with you all just as soon as I'm able.

I rewrote my blog profile yesterday and coined a phrase that I'm not sure if I've made up myself or heard somewhere else before...  'Gluing my life back together one craft make at a time'.
Anyone heard that before?
Either way, it's spot on for me.

So...  Now that I've given at least some sort of explanation for being MIA, here's a peek at my card.  (He is called 'Peeking James', after all)...

This might not look much like a baby card to most of you.  Young child?  Yes.  But baby?  
They are really not my thing at all, so I've made them all 'Donna' style - and tried to make them all very different from each other.

You know...  I was messaging a lovely craft friend of mine just the other day and bemoaning how long it takes me to take a photo I'm happy with.  And I finally did it...  took a decent photo where my square card looked square enough...  and then realised AFTER spending an age editing it that the mini envelope on the card looked like it was falling apart. Which it wasn't...  It's just that the top flap is actually not glued down in reality and it made for a strange optical illusion. 
So I had to secure it with a spot of White Tac - just for the sake of the photo.  It's a shame because now it's lost some of it's dimension.  But at least in reality it's flap free!

I mess around a lot with different ideas (see photo below)... 

After more than a week of staring at the New Arrival sign that I added to the card I still couldn't decide which one I liked the best...  The before or after?
So I sent a HELP ME message to the same lovely lady I mentioned earlier and quite truthfully said I think I prefer the before - what about you?
She (thankfully) agreed with me.
But what about YOU?
Do you prefer the first or the second version of this card?
My husband and the woman I'm making them for both prefer the second...

Supplies Used:

Lili Of The Valley 'Peeping James'
Sentiments from Crafters Companion

Marianne Design/Collectables 'Tab With Text'

Woodware 'Scored Rectangle Envelope Punch'

Stazon 'Timber Brown'
Tim Holtz Distress 'Walnut Stain'


Challenges I'm Entering...

'Anything Goes'

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Challenge #155  'Anything Goes'

'No Design Paper'

Challenge #112  'Anything Goes'

Thanks for stopping by...
Donna. x


  1. Hi Donna! I just linked you in with no problems. Not that it ever matters 'cos I'm always more than happy to add makes into the Playground. What a darling card - I can see Parsnip being smitten when he sees it - although I'll have to point out that James is a boy bear :) I actually like the both cards, with and without the additional sentiment.

    I like the words about 'gluing your life back together one craft make at a time'. Email on the way!!!


    Di xx

    1. Thank you, Di.
      Good days and days from hell... but that's to be expected.
      Looks like I made up a quote all by myself :)
      Say hi to parsnip for me. x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tracey :)
      I have wanted this stamp for many, many months... but it's always been out of stock until recently. I finally got one. Yay!!!

  3. Hello my dear sweet friend, adorable cards with or without the two sentiments, 'Gluing my life back together one craft make at a time'. sound good to me!!!! I think of you most days, you stay strong it will get easer, but will be a long time I think, so keep up with these beautiful adorable cards..
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Thank you, Pam :)
      I'll send you a copy of an email I sent to two of my non blogging craft friends this week.
      It'll get you pretty much up to speed.
      I appreciate your kindness.
      Big hugs back at you :)

  4. Beautiful cards, both are just great. I love James he is a cutie. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Thanks for joining Aud Sentiments. Elaine

    1. Hello Elaine.
      James is a super cutie, isn't he?
      But I do find him being called Peeping James a little disconcerting!!!

  5. Your card is so sweet Donna and what a gorgeous little teddy he is. I think both look lovely and probably would say, if pushed, I prefer both sentiments. Hugs, Barbxx

    1. Thank you, Barb.
      I could quite happily batch make this guy with slight variations. Think this would work a treat for personalisation.
      Catch up with your blog tomorrow. X

  6. Hi Donna. Sorry to hear you are having a very difficult time right now. I hope that in time you will be able to find some peace. Crafting helps to take our minds off our troubles, at least it does for me. It's a great distraction. Take care and thinking of you.

    Your card is adorable. I like both versions. On the fence about which one I like better ... they are both adorable! xx

  7. Oh, how adorable is he Donna dear friend, and you have put such life into him too . . . he certainly is, cute as a button! I love the little envelope and note he's carrying too and the clever way you have him with his head poking out through the opening of that notepad page, which is inspired BTW! LOVE this so much my friend!! Have a lovely day! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

    1. Thank you, Hazel :)
      I still think Peeping James would like to be renamed with something a little less dubious sounding. He's far too cute to be associated with those sorts of things!

  8. Both versions are lovely, Donna! They are both adorable and I love those tiny envelopes!

    1. I adore these envelopes... but finding uses for them takes some work!
      Have a lovely weekend...

  9. Sweetest baby card ever Donna! and I must say I adore your style! I do like the 'new arrival' text on it. :D So cute! I know what you mean though, I go through this with almost every card I make! Shoot me now! lol Take care and so glad you posted. I was just thinking of you the other day and hoping you'd be back!

    1. When I was writing this up you came to mind as I knew you would understand! Shoot me know sums it up perfectly!!!

  10. He is so cute Donna, I just had to come take a closer look at your gorgeous card when I saw it entered in a challenge blog, it really popped off the page at me. I'm so sorry to read you are having an awful year, I do hope it turns around for you XOX Lucy

    1. Hello Lucy.
      Lovely to meet a new face in blogland :)
      The stamp did all the work really...
      I agree, he's totally cute :)

  11. A really sweet image Donna and such a lovely design as well, many thanks for joining in at Stamping Sensation.

    I have some Tattered Lace candy here

    B x

  12. A brilliant card .Thank you for joining us at Aud Sentiments challenge good luck Ginny ♥
    Aud Sentiments
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  13. Hi Donna . . . I was sad to read the words you put in this post as what you're going through sounds terrible. I wish you some peace and happiness in time to come.

    Onto your card . . . certainly is cute as a button. I'm not going to sit on the fence . . . I prefer the first card . . . but only by a smidge!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hello again, lovely lady :)
      Both versions work... I think. But the first just looks better to me.
      Funny how people see things differently...
      Have a good weekend. x

  14. Simply adorable, Donna! I love the design (both versions!). Thanks for sharing with us at Stamping Sensations.


    1. Thank you, Lynne :)
      It seems that lots of people like James... No wonder it took me months to get hold of him!

  15. Awe ... what a sweet creation! Thanks so much for joining us at The Sisterhood’s ‘NO DESIGNER PAPER’ challenge and please come back again soon!
    one of the 'Sistahs'
    The Sisterhood of Crafters

    1. Thanks again, Darlene.
      Appreciate you taking the time to stop by :)

  16. I never expect others to leave a comment. It's not an obligation. Blogging is not important; it's important that you can come back on your feet. Life isn't always fair and there is enough on your take care of yourself and don't worry about blogging
    oops almost forgotten; I love your card!

    1. Life is beyond unfair, Stella... but that's another story.
      Connecting with others by leaving a comment helps me find my feet. So if I'm not connecting...
      So don't worry. I don't view it as an obligation...
      PS. Looks like you had a lovely time with Ros :)