Sunday, 26 November 2017

Snowflake Tag, Christmas, Criss Cross Background

After endeavouring to make so many pretty tags, I thought it only fitting to end Tracey's 25daysofchristmastags2017 event with a tag that I hope wouldn't offend any men in our lives.

So here it is...  a very simple tag indeed.

And the inspiration tag?

Hopefully you can see that I went with the colour inspiration on this one!

Huge, huge thanks to each and every one of you that has put up with my Christmas tag postings over the past few weeks...  especially if you have been kind enough to leave any comments whatsoever.

This is a hard time of year for me...
and this event always helps as it comes at just the right time...

Hugs to you...

Donna. x


  1. Who invited the guys, anyway... and thank you, a million and one times for playing TAG with us this year, Donna! Another beauty, indeed... I'd know your tags anywhere - how is it that you make 'distressed' look so good?
    Merry Christmas, darling...
    =] Michele

    1. You might laugh at this, but I've been known to make a card and then loook at it with disdain as it's not quite right somehow. Then I tatty up the edges and all is suddenly right with the world! Don't ask me why... I just like the mix of trying to balance out pretty with tatty. Maybe I'm a realist as that's more true to life!!! 🤣
      I think that's why I love your style so. Yours are always neat and pretty and spot on/precise. I get to learn from you whilst admiring your talent! 😘
      Blessings to you,,lovely. 💕