Friday, 28 October 2016

Flowers On Wall, Double Tag, Hello

Some of you know that I'm the parent of a teen with High Functioning Autism.  What most of you don't know is that on 5th January, 2016, she set into motion a chain of events that have had catastrophic consequences.

I have no intention of explaining it all now.  Truth be told I may never know the reasons why she did what she did.  But I will try and explain after Christmas as best I can.

All I can tell you for now is that she once asked, early on, if I was ok...  and was told I was finding it difficult, but understood...
That second part's not true.  I will never understand.

I'm telling you this because I'm struggling right now and these next few months will be very difficult.  So please bear with me.  I'm behind on commenting on your blogs, Facebook, Instagram...  but I haven't forgotten any of you that I normally stop by and leave some love to.  

I'll catch up as and when I can...  X


It's Tag You're It Friday time again, and I've gone for a style that reminds me more of one of my fellow Team Mates than it does me.  Can you guess which one?
I'll give you a clue.  Imagine my tag with more!

 (I should probably show you my tag now.  You can't guess if you can't see it..!)

Here's one that's a little closer...

...  and one that shows the whole photo layout.

I do love photo props.  Can you tell?

Our inspiration for this challenge comes from this very beautifully made tag...

I was tempted to do likewise and dig out a cake stamp for some pretty flowers to cascade all over...  but then I got the idea of flowers cascading down a wall instead.

I have snuck in an extra colour (purple), but other than that my colour scheme, flower placements, sparkly glitter tag and sequins have all been faithfully copied from Rubenna's tag...  they just aren't necessarily copied 'like for like'.

Supplies Used:

Spellbinders Deckled Rectangle - Large

Bo Bunny 'Wall To Wall'
SugarPea Designs 'Funky Wreaths/Spring'
Clearly Besotted 'Flutterby Dreams'

Tsukineko/Memento 'Gray Flannel'
Tsukineko/Memento ' Real Black'
Tim Holtz Distress 'Picked Raspberry'
Tim Holtz Distress 'Bundled Sage'
Tim Holtz Distress 'Seedless Preserves'
Tim Holtz Distress 'Milled Lavender'
Ranger 'Perfect Medium'

Embossing Powder:
Stampendous 'Clear detail'

Twine - Black and White 

Challenges I'm Entering...

(I managed to use about half of my Watercolour Paper scraps on these flowers and leaves, plus the tag's been cut from a scrap of white card).

'Anything Goes'

Week #386     'Sparkle and Shine'

Come and join us at Tag You're It...  We'd love to see you there.

Stay warm and have a good weekend...
Donna. x 


  1. Wow Donna, this is just stunning! A great tag and so beautiful made and photographed as well. I do love seeing all your different 'props' :)

    I did wonder if you're struggling at the moment as you've been so quiet lately. Such a heartbreaking situation and sadly it seems that it's not going to be resolved easily, if at all. Keep that perky little chin up as much as you can.

    Sending love and a special hug

    Di xx

  2. Looks lovely, thanks for joining us at Allsorts, xxxx

  3. Very elegant, thank you for entering our challenge at Allsorts this week.

  4. Lovely tag Donna. Love the flowers cascading down the wall. And your props for your photo are awesome --- great job.

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling right now. I can't imagine what you are going through, but know that I am thinking about you and hope the situation gets better. Take care. Loll xx

  5. It's the most beautiful tag Donna. I love the idea of flowers cascading down the wall. You do present your work so beautifully.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. I do hope everything will start to get better for you all again before too long. Keeping you in my thoughts Donna.

    Thank you for spending the time to visit and leavs some lovely comments for me. You take care. Hugs, Barbxx

    1. Thank you, Barb...
      I never forget to visit you when I'm playing 'catch up' with everybody else. Just sorry my comments are usually always so late.
      Have a lovely weekend. x

  6. I love your take on the original tag. You have taken the idea and made it your own. Just read your other blog and sending you extra hugs to help you through this truly horrendous time. Keep your chin up. Hugs Mrs A.

    1. I've only just scratched the surface on the other blog... We've all been through way too much and it's all so totally unfair. But it can't be undone, so if writing about it helps just one other person... at least that would be something.
      I plan to 'fine tune' it as and when I remember things (once it's finished)... and then once a year (on Jan 5th) I will link it to FaceBook entitled 'Why I Hate Autism'. That's the plan. Mrs A...
      Glad you like the tag. Thank you for stopping by. x

  7. Dear Donna, how I wish I could turn back time! so you would`nt have had to go through this heartbreaking thought are always with you! not much help I know, sending big hugs and love to you.

    Love your beautiful tag, pretty pink flowers on your brick wall.
    Take care Pam x

    1. Thanks, Pam...
      If I was turning back time it would be to when 'Milly' (pseudonym) was eight years old and things went horrifically wrong for us all the first time 'round. She never recovered from that - none of us did.
      So I may as well create an online 'stink' once a year. Maybe it will help someone else one day.
      Have a good weekend, Pam... and thank you for your support - even when you are busy. x

  8. Beautiful tag! I love the color combo of grey and pink and the way you used the flowers is very pretty. There probably isn't much words to comfort you at your hard situation so I'll just send my best thoughts and wishes. Take care!

    1. Thank you, Nonni.
      I'm only opening up to people as I'm not being a very good online 'blog friend' right now and want them to at least understand why.
      Thank you for your well wishes, nonetheless. X

  9. What a beautiful image to have flowers cascading down the stone wall. It's a wonderful reminder that beauty can grow just about anywhere. Your situation sounds like a nightmare without an end. I wish I could cross through the screen and give you a hug right now.

    1. It is what it is, Kara.
      I read when 'Milly' was first diagnosed of a mother who couldn't stop her daughter from drinking too much water. High Functioning girl's tend to go through 'phases' (not sure about boys as they present very differently in lots of ways). Daft as it sounds she drank so much that she messed up her electrolyte balance and died.
      So from that point of view things could be worse, right?
      'A nightmare without an end' pretty much sums it up... but we try to keep going as best we can - my husband and I.
      It's just that some days/weeks are easier than others...
      Anyhow, don't come through the screen and hug me as I would cry - and then you would have guilt!
      Thank you for your kind words about my tag. It's nowhere near as gorgeous as yours, you know... yours is uber sweet.
      Have a lovely weekend. x

    2. I don't share often, but I too have a daughter who is on the spectrum. She will be fifteen next month. She is high functioning which makes it so tough to explain behaviors (she spent most of grade school picking her nose and so forth, so we gave her a rubber necklace to chew on). There are so many ways that life is a struggle. Foods are a big problem. We have our heartaches and struggles, but certainly nothing like you are facing. I just wanted you to know.

    3. They are all uniquely challenging in their own ways, aren't they? And there are very few people who will understand how utterly relentless Autism is... I remember describing it as being stuck on a treadmill that has no OFF button on more than one occasion. Thanks for letting me know, Kara... I presume you, too have been reading my other blog. Didn't think people would at this stage, but there you go. I guess you know how 'fixed' a person with Autism can be once they've made their mind up about something... so I'm trying my best to severe my maternal instincts - it's that or kill myself to be totally blunt. I don't think I'll ever see her again, and my faith is taking a beating. But I just have to remember it could be worse. X. Thank you for sharing... I really mean that. X

  10. Oh, my friend, you know my heart goes out to you as you continue to have your heart broken again and again. I wish there was more I could do. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, as always. I'm so grateful that you have been blessed with artistic talents that allow you to step away from it all and enjoy being creative. Your tag is outstanding in every way!! Much love and gentle hugs, Darnell

    1. Crafting is my sanctuary now, Darnell... but on days when that isn't enough I resort to sorting.
      I know that crafting is therapy for many on here so I haven't wanted to 'muddy the waters' by explaining all - and truth be told I use online craft blogging in the same way usually... to escape and to bring a little bit of happiness to others... Nowhere near as much as you do, but 'a kind word' shared can help ease the day away. (Makes me sound 'deep'... which I'm not)!!!
      Anyhow... how's your decluttering coming along? Did you complete the task or give up due to Hammy's antics sidetracking you?
      And any more progress on your house move? Last I'd heard you'd narrowed down to an area you liked. Anything else since then?
      Have a lovely weekend. Gentle hugs appreciated as I can't seem to put weight on... or if I do I lose it quite quickly again.
      Hugs to you, too. x

  11. Beautiful tag Donna! I went crazy with photo props last year for that Christmas MB look book. hehe oh my, what to do with all the stuff after! I broke the piece I liked the best! waaahhh :D I have a feeling the props are part of your creative process and you enjoy it, so keep inspiring us! Take care!

    1. Hi Pam :)
      I figure if I've put in all that effort into a card/tag/whatever, then it's my duty to try and show it off to its best advantage. Seriously, do you believe that?
      Nah... I just like photo props. It's like playtime all over again. x

  12. Oh dear Donna! I am so sorry and want you to know that I am here for you whenever you need to talk! Keeping you in my prayers !
    As you know from Instagram I love this card so much it is simply so pretty to look at and your photo is gorgeous!

    1. That's very kind of you, Marybeth... offering your time for me to talk to you :)
      I've decided that if I can't change it and I can't hide from it, then the best I can do is try and explain it for the sake of others. Ours is not a unique situation - I've learnt that much.
      Thank you for stopping by. Your prayers are appreciated. X

  13. Gorgeous tag Donna! It's so elegant and pretty.
    I work with high functioning young Autistic adults & feel for you so much. I am always thankful that at the end of what can in all honesty be a nightmare shift I can go home & relax & reflect which is a luxury parents like you don't have.
    Be gentle on yourself, it's ok to not understand situations /events & just escape to your online world as & when life allows.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Gentle hugs
    Mandy xx

    1. Thank you, Mandy.
      I'm amazed at how kind people online have been... I really expected/feared condemnation - although perhaps when I've told more of the story that may come.
      I truly appreciate you taking the time to show me some kindness.
      Have a good week. X

  14. My heart and thoughts are with you Donna - I know you've got lots on your mind (understandably so). Praying for your strength and peace. Your tag is beautiful. The square shape is unexpected and eye catching! The color and sparkle make me happy!

    1. Thank you, Jeanne :)
      This tag reminds me more of your style than mine... although truth be told you have a multitude of styles!
      Joining in with Tracey's Christmas tag challenge. Made one for every day so far, but none written up and no photo's taken as yet. Just as well I get an extra week - think I'm going to need it. X