Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mini Lindt Bunny Treat Boxes, Easter Gift Idea, All Ages

I know that one or two of you spotted this on FB yesterday evening, but for those of you that haven't seen it, I'm just stopping by today to share a little Easter treat idea that I had.
Like many of you I like to be inventive from time to time!  

But before I show you, let me just say this...
Yes, I could have added more detail - even if it was only to lightly emboss the boxes.  
But taking my time out of the equation, these are a little 'test piece' idea that I'm taking to sell for a very small profit margin on my craft stall this coming Saturday.

Am I looking forward to it?  No...
Did I take up this wonderfully time consuming hobby with illusions of making money in any way, shape or form?  No...
Do I think that my stuff is actually good enough to sell?  (If I consider you to be a very good blog friend then I'll PM you and let you know after Saturday)!
And yes, of course I dread the idea of everyone walking by and ignoring me...

But it's given me a goal to work towards this past few months and to be perfectly honest, that's what I need.
Grief is a long, hard journey...  and although my daughter is not dead, she is gone.
And that's so hard to bear some days.

...  And crafting/craft shopping/sorting through my craft stash are the only things that seem to help.
Plus talking/messaging some of you who have been so very, very kind to me.
(You know who you are). x

I know that others of you may be uncomfortable with my grief and/or simply do not know what to say. 
And yet others of you have your own difficult journey to walk through and like me, use blogging mainly as a distraction.
So as much as is possible I do tend to try and ignore it when blogging online.

That's why I took the decision to do the mini blog.  It keeps it separate and saves me from having to explain or apologise yet again as to why I'm so infrequent with my blog posts or repaying your kindness if you've been kind enough to stop by and leave a comment.
But I don't want to pretend either...  
Especially when it's relevant to what I'm 'talking' about.

So...  I guess I should show you these little treat boxes?

I did come up with a few alternative design ideas that I've also made to sell on Saturday - but this was my favourite by far.
But just to give you a few more ideas, a well placed die cut 'bow' or some punched/die cut 'grass' work equally well as deterrents to stop bunny from falling out of the box!

As these are pretty straightforward to make, I won't include any 'how to' details other than to say that I used a Sizzix Bigz/Where Women Cook 'Cake Pop' die for my boxes...
but I will share this idea over at The Playground as 
a) I've used up some of my craft scraps/'snippets'  
b) I'm wanting to try and get a 'gold shiny star'. 

Of course, these super bright and shiny gold star's are very rare and therefore very hard to come by, so I may have to try even harder next time.
But I will keep trying...
I just hope that The Playground cat (Parsnip, to those of you that know him) doesn't scare the bunnies away!

Speaking of which,  I had the fright of my life early last Friday morning...

To make a long story short, I went to feed the bird's just before leaving to go food shopping rather than after (as I normally do).  After all, it is finally getting brighter earlier in the morning's now.
The bird food is stored in the garage.  It was about 6.45am.   
Who did I not notice at all, sitting in a bag of Suet Pellets, completely unaware that it was well past the time that they should have been tucked up in bed?
Well a little Wood Mouse of course!
The first I knew of it being there is when it jumped about a foot in the air because I had plonked a lid down very close by and not very gently at all.

I'm not sure who actually had the bigger fright out of the two of us!

I think Wood Mice are adorably sweet and we have a whole family or more living under our shed, but when you are just going about your business this is not a sight you expect to see.

Needless to say I got my husband to deal with poor Mousie - who was taken back outside to the shed.
Just as well we know where they live!

As for the bird food? 
Everything now has a lid on it, so they can't help themselves any more.
But I do put out a little food for them every evening - I have since discovering them there a month or two ago.
Rice Krispies and Porridge Flakes are particularly popular - as is a crushed Digestive Biscuit.
I wonder what Parsnip would make of those - the Wood Mice, not the food?!

Challenges I'm Entering...

Challenge #68     'Something New'
(Although it's an old die, I've only recently purchased it and never played with it before).

If this idea inspires you to make a treat box of your own, stop by with a photo of it - if you can. x

Wherever you are, enjoy the rest of your day...



  1. So enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the update and the story about the little mouse x I did see your boxes on FB and I thought they where/are really cute and I am sure you will do well with them. Good luck and let us know? Yes blogging can be an escape etc and I look forward to reading more posts x

    1. Hi Mac. I really must stop by and catch up with your blog posts!
      I actually saw another little mouse early this morning... Far too light for them to be out and about - never mind that the food was all gone by that stage. But I felt sorry for the poor little thing as it had scurried backwards and forwards several times looking for even the tiniest crumb to eat... so I pinched one of my husband's cereal squares (like Shredded Wheat) and plonked it about an inch away from the edge of the bottom of the shed (that's where they scurry in and out from). Needless to say it had 'disappeared' by the time I was back in the house. We get one early riser around 6/6.30pm, then on and off for the rest of the night. When I can't sleep I put the garden light on and watch them for a few minutes. So cute - especially the babies.
      Take care of yourself. I'll try and stop by for a catch up before the end of this weekend. x

  2. Donna, your update is an engaging read and you need never apologize for how you express your creativity or what your blog content is. I'm glad that various aspects of crafting (designing/sorting/shopping) bring you some happiness; we all need to find our 'therapy' in some fashion. For me, crafting helps to stave off anxiety; like you, it distracts from things that occupy my mind in no so pleasant ways. Kudos to you for sharing your 'truths and realities' with us. Your treat boxes are delightful! Love the little elements you've added to keep those eggs in place! They're cute and charming. My prediction: sell out! I think 'pretty packaging' - be it containers of some nature or decorated envelopes - is becoming more trendy, so you're well into the leading edge of the 'fashion.' Your mouse story generates only one response from me: EEK! I'd never want to hurt anything, but I confess, mousies send me running *grin* Have fun at the craft sale! Oh...and for the record, your stuff most definitely is *fabulous* enough to sell!

    1. Oh, bless you Carol.
      Mice are cute little acrobat's, that's for sure... and as long as they stay outside then all is well.
      As for 'leading edge fashion' - that's just coincidental, let me tell you! I have two white 'display trees' that I bought for Christmas a few years ago and basically wanted something visual to hang off one of them as it's the centre piece for my table. The money spent on hiring a table goes to charity, so whatever happens at least someone benefits.
      I saw your post to Tracey about your tag/sad as leaving your mum's. Everything ok?
      Hugs to you, my TYI buddy.
      ... and thank you. x

    2. You are so sweet! Still at my mom's (happy face!) because the weather conditions - blowing snow and cool temperatures - did not encourage me to head out on the highway to tackle the four hour drive home. Guess my husband will have to 'miss me' for another couple of days *grin* Alas, I tried to create a tag for today's challenge, but the limited supplies in my "mobile crafting unit' wasn't seeing any of that happening! I'll do a reminder tag once I'm back. As for the sad: my mood whenever I leave mom's place...miss her and my niece and nephew a lot when I go. Makes the 'returns' all the more special! Another couple days here; the weather, as icky as it is, is a blessing in extending my visit! Hugs to you...and enjoy your crafty sale!

    3. ... and as an added bonus - no housework or cooking or cleaning?!! x

  3. Wow Donna - what fabby Easter treats! I'm sure they will fly off your stall - good luck! Beautifully made of course.

    And, I have one very upset little Parsnip here - he wishes you to know that he's a very soft and fluffy white bear - not a cat! His words, not mine - such a Diva!

    Aw, the little field meece - we had exactly the same thing, found one in our garage during deep snow and ended up over wintering 'beastie' in a cage. We called him/her Fudge, used to let me clean the cage etc. quite happily - even had a little wheel to run round in (bit like Darnell's Hammy!!). When Spring came we released the little sweetie at Bisley, about 20 miles from here. They have great homing instincts and so we had to find somewhere well away from harm and us as well as we have cats all around us. We left a little store of food, some shelter etc. Needless to say I cried as Fudge bounced off happily into the woodland!


    Di xx

    1. That's a sad and a happy story all at the same time.
      I think I would have been fighting tears, too!
      We used to have a hammy years ago when 'Milly' was about seven years old. I cried when she died. Thought about getting another one but not sure I can cope with that right now. Best of both worlds this way as I still get to help feed them and watch their cute antics. Ours our timid and skittish... not brave like yours sounded.
      As for Parsnip... whether a cat or a bear, at least you know that fish is a good option for mealtimes!
      Take care, my friend... Hugs to you, too. x

  4. WOW these are awesome and perfect for spring! I wish you well at the sale!! Thanks so much for playing in our ‘Something New’ challenge at Dies R Us! Please come back again soon!

    Darlene (DRU Blog Leader)
    DAR’S CRAFTY CREATIONS Please come for a visit.

    1. Thank you, Darlene...
      I'm so glad it's finally getting a little warmer and that Spring is on the way.
      Thanks for stopping by. x

  5. These are BRILLIANT Donna. I reckon they'll sell really well. If I was near you, I'd come along to your stall and buy one or three!

    GOOD LUCK to you. Be strong.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Your little bunny homes are quite adorable Donna my friend (but then, I knew they would be, all your creations show real talent) I just know that they will be really popular and sell well! You are so right about crafting being a wonderful 'escape' from the stressful things going on in our lives! Your little family of sweet mice sound like a wonderful distraction too! Good luck for Saturday, I will be thinking of you and rooting for you!! Have a good day! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

    1. Thank you, Hazel.
      Hope your day with your mum wasn't too long for you both.
      Take care. X

  7. On this post Donna, you had me so sad and the having a good laugh, I have heard you micey story but still so funny.. hope they stay in the garage and don`t fancy a nice warm house!!!
    These gorgeous box`s will be so popular I`m sure and who could walk be such beautiful creations.
    Hope you sell all your wonderful creations, good luck and enjoy your day.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. You are always so very kind to me... and appreciated far more than you know, Pam. x
      As for the mice... I feed them by the shed every evening so if they know what's good for them, they'll behave... or find themselves being evicted which would make me sad!
      I'm a 'spade is a spade' kind of girl, I guess. Plus if people don't know, how will things ever change? That's my theory, anyway.
      But I don't like to think of you being sad so maybe I should send one of the mice for a visit?
      Mrs Blackbird has taken up 'gardening'... that's what my husband keeps saying as he looks at her with yet another large leaf in her beak. Nest making and in-fighting going on with the sparrows, too!
      Have a lovely weekend. x

  8. These bunny treat boxes are just adorable! They are the perfect gift for anyone, but especially the little ones! Great idea!! They will sell like hot cakes! Thanks for joining our "Something New" challenge at Dies R Us!

    1. Thank you, Sherri. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!
      Thanks for stopping by... 🙂

  9. Your little boxes look lovely Donna and good luck with your stall on Saturday. I hope sales go well. Sorry but I did have to smile about your encounter with the field mouse! Barbxx

    1. Mice are far too adorable not to smile at... if somewhat cheeky in helping themselves to supper before bed!
      Enjoy your weekend. X