Wednesday, 4 April 2018

8x8 Display Piece, Wedding Album Style + Acetate Front, Easel backed

My husband has a work colleague who's getting married in a few short weeks, so I was asked to make the card that will hide in a folder as it gets passed around the office for people to sign.

8x8's do not play to my wheelhouse - no secret there.
Plus a thick layer of acetate on the front has made this a real beast of a card to try and get a decent picture of.

But I at least like the concept of a snapshot with the photo corners so I may revisit this idea at some point and see if I can fine tune the design on what is otherwise a 'meh' card to me.

Never mind.  I rarely like anything I make that isn't 'me' in terms of colours or design.


I'm off to do some more work on my next project - a Golden Wedding Anniversary card.

The woman who has asked me to make it wants the emphasis on lots of gold with the odd pop of colour.

Don't laugh...  I hate gold, too!


Wherever you are, enjoy your day.

Donna. x


  1. Looks good to me, Donna - I love all the details, Jo x

    1. Thank you, lovely. You are most kind. Xxx

  2. Looks fabulous Donna, they will love this wonderful keepsake. Not keen on Gold`ll make a fabulous card.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Thank you, Pam. I would say I was about half way there with the Anniversary card. Just waiting on her input over wording she wants to use and if there’s a particular colour she wants added to what is at present a very neutral coloured card.