Monday, 23 April 2018

Baby Card, Patchwork, Panda

One or two of you may possibly recognise this Panda from a tag I made last year.

My husband had asked me to make yet another dreaded 8x8 card - this time for a woman in the office due for maternity leave, so I had the idea to combine this tag with a patchwork theme.

Patchwork and Nature have nothing to do with each other, I know.  But once I have an idea I just have to try and make it work...

Try being the operative word, but hey - it kept me busy for a while!

'Inventive' was the word they used in the office!

Silly hubby thought it was a compliment...


It's an 8x8 so I'm gonna hate it to some degree or other not matter what.

But that dungaree charm IS just THE cutest...  don't you think?


Thanks for putting up with my plethora of posts today!

Just playing catch up and trying to stay on top of things...

Hugs to you...


Donna. x


  1. Love this gorgeous baby card you have created Donna, how cute is that teddy.
    Pam x

    1. Thank you, Pam. Love this Panda for baby themed cards. 🙂