Thursday, 26 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Winter Woodland, Hedgehog Shaker Tag

I have a very quick Craft Consortium post to share with you all today...

a hedgehog shaker tag!

Aren't these little guys just the cutest?

I've included a photo breakdown of the steps used to make it...


Cut hedgehog patterned paper to size and mount on a piece of kraft card.
Next, add the stitched circle and glue it into place over the top of the image.  
Then cut out extra hedgehogs and glue into place to add dimension.

Next, cut another piece of Kraft card to size and add the aperture (stitched circle cut out).
Frame using single strands of twine.
(I used red liner tape to hold these in position).

Glue a thin silver glitter card frame into position that's an exact match in size to your base layer with the hedgehogs on.  Then secure these two layers together and leave to one side.
(This is your base layer).

Make a frame that's very slightly smaller in size to your base layer.
Attach silver ribbon to the back of it (I cut my lengths of ribbon in half), then add a layer of acetate - also to the back.
Glue cut out flowers and leaves into position.
(These flowers have been treated to a layer of diluted White Pearl Glue prior to using.  It adds a lovely sheen to the paper).

Next, make two other frames that are exactly the same size as the one you just made above.

Add another layer of acetate to one of these frames - only this time add the acetate to the front, NOT the back.  (I used red liner tape for this part).
Using Silver Pearl Glue, add a thin layer all around the outside edge where the acetate meets the frame.  (Apply glue with your finger).
Leave to dry.

 Trim down the other frame from the outside edge and carefully apply Silver Pearl Glue to this one, too - only this time cover the inner as well as the outer edge.

Once dry, assemble these three layers together - thinest on top, followed by acetate covered in Pearl Glue, followed by acetate with flowers and leaves on.
But don't do that yet!
You need to remember to add your cut out 'shaker' leaves before you put these three layers together!

Once assembled, add more Silver Pearl Glue around the outside edges if you so wish.

Add a hanging loop into place...
and attach to the base section you made earlier.
(I used foam pads).


You will notice in that last picture that I've shown you what this looks like as just a plain shaker frame.
It would be equally perfect with a black and white photo in it - don't you think?


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Winter Woodland


Other supplies used:
Stitched Circle die.
Red Liner Tape.


Enjoy your day...

Donna. x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Olga.
      Such a fun DT to be a part of. It's like play time every day!

  2. Gorgeous shaker frame design Donna, love your decoration and wonderful colour.
    Hugs Pam x

  3. Fabulous creating Donna! Love your outdoorsy nature creations these days!

    1. Thank you, Pam.
      Gotta go where the papers take me. Who knows what the next topic might be!
      Donna. X