Friday, 13 October 2017

"I'm Hungry" Tag, Squirrel, Pumpkin (Penny Black)

It's 'Tag You're It' Friday time again folks!

You know how it works...
We have a Featured Artist who provides us with his or her own tag for inspiration...  and then we get to play.

...  And as long as you can explain how you were inspired you can let your imagination run wild at this point...

I sure did!

But I have to confess...   What I've ended up with this time is just so darn cute to me that I'm refusing to part company with it.

It's mine... 
 ...  and I'm not sharing it or giving it away to anybody...

(...  and yes, I am fully aware of just how SAD that makes me sound).

Want to see what makes me so happy every time I look at it?

It's not perfect...  but it's not supposed to be.
That's the absolute beauty of these Penny Black Brushstroke Stamps - they are made to be 'imperfectly perfect'...  
And I just love the way it looks like this squirrel is busy eating!

So what inspired me?

This perfectly perfect little Autumn tag - that just so happens to also be made using an image from Penny Black!

I was struck by how beautifully this had been coloured in and initially my thoughts went to making something Autumn/leaf related that would also use these colours...  but then I got to thinking about other things that speak of Autumn.   Before I knew it I'd settled on my (bought but unused for about a year) Penny Black 'Pumpkin Patch' stamp...  and the Clearly Besotted squirrel and 'I'm Hungry' sentiment just became a natural progression.

(Of course, this could be based in part on the fact that a squirrel is venturing into our garden once again.  I adore squirrels and their scampering antics - they are so utterly charming to watch).

What about you?
Are you a lover or a loather of squirrels?

Of course, it's more than obvious that I've gone for 'selective colouring' this time 'round.  
You may well think I've gone 'nuts'...  (seriously no pun intended - but hey...  if it works, it works)!
Squirrels...  nuts...  oh, never mind!

...  it's just that I wanted the focus of the colour to be on the pumpkin and nothing else.
It makes for a very 'clean' looking tag this way.

Here's a quick rundown of the supplies used:


Penny Black 'Pumpkin Patch'
Clearly Besotted 'Great Job'
Clearly Besotted 'Nom Nom'

Tsukineko/Memento Markers:
Toffee Crunch
New Sprout
Rich Cocoa
Pear Tart
Bamboo Leaves
Olive Grove
Expresso Truffle

Stamp Positioner Tool
Embossing Powder - Clear Gloss
Distress Paint - Picket Fence
Ribbon - Brown
Twine - Brown
Thread - Brown
PVA glue
Paper Distressing Tool


Yes...  you really did read the word 'needle'!
I stitched the ribbon together before tying the twine around it...  then applied a small amount of PVA glue directly onto the twine's knot to keep it secure.

Of course, I think I'm going to have to seal my tag with some spray varnish before I accidentally mark it somehow.
I'm thinking just plain spray varnish rather than my subtle glitter finish varnish...
What do you think?

If you have the time, why not take a look at my team mates tags for this challenge?
You just never know how you might be inspired!

Enjoy your weekend...

Donna. x 


  1. Well you know I think this tag is adorable, cute image and wonderful colour on this beautiful image Donna, know wonder you are not parting with it.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Thank you, very lovely lady that you are.
      Enjoy tomorrow... x. 😘💕

  2. I sure enjoyed reading your post, and especially the part about you keeping this for yourself! Good for you! Your beautiful pumpkin made me smile too, and I love that you left the squirrel white to place the focus on the coloring of the pumpkin.

    1. Thank you, lovely.
      I think this one's going to stay in my craft room somewhere - imperfectly perfect though it may be! 🤣
      Enjoy your weekend, Kara. X

  3. I totally don't blame you for wanting to keep this FABULOUS tag Donna! That squirrel is so darn cute and I just love that you didn't color him but let the pumpkin have all the glory! Lovely, lovely tag and so glad mine inspired you!! :0)

    1. I'm so happy you like my tag, too...
      and it's lovely to 'meet' you, Marcia. 😊