Friday, 13 January 2017

Bookmark Tag, Flowers, Tassel

To those of you who were kind enough to stop by after reading my last blog post - and the mini blog attached to it, I want to say, 'thank you'.  It's people like you who help me on the bad days...

Just one quick update to those of you that had the time to read the whole thing...  
I made contact with a researcher who works for the BBC just yesterday.  I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping that somehow what I've written will help others some day.  
If I get any news worth mentioning I'll let you know, but either way...
at least I've tried.


Well...  It's 'Tag You're It Friday' time today, and I wanted to take a little twist to my tag by making it 'bookmark' shaped...

What do you think?
I've elongated the shape of the tag by adding a 'skirt' and I've made a tassel - my first one ever! 
(Don't you just love it when an idea in your head actually works)?

 I just love making tags.  
There's none of that effort involved in lining up score lines or trying to cut straight  (Do not get me started on shop bought card blanks as they are never cut properly either)...  
Simply cut out a tag shape and then straight to the fun part of choosing a design.
(Okay, I confess that sometimes it's the other way 'round for me and I know the design before I know which tag shape I want to pair it up with.  But you get the idea, don't you)?

But you see, I hate the thought of tags being thrown away...  or anything handmade for that matter.
I mean seriously, have you ever seen some of the breathtaking works of art that sneak their way into our challenge?  And I'm not just talking about our Featured Artist or the DT, you know.  

So my tag is bookmark 'shaped and styled' today.
Because it gives the recipient the option to repurpose it...  (plus hopefully it's an idea you might like to try out someday, too). x

So be encouraged to play along, and then maybe use your tag to make a card, or a bookmark...  or leave it just as a tag.  It's good to have options :)
As long as you're following our guidelines and include how you were inspired (that's the important part that some of you forget to mention) we would love to see your creations.
Plus the winner gets the chance to come back and play along as our Guest Designer if they so wish.
So what are you waiting for? 

 Karin Ã…kesdotter (our Featured Artist) has put together this oh so incredibly cute little tag for us to use as our inspiration for this challenge - the first of 2017.

I loved the gentle tones of her colour palette as soon as I saw this tag and immediately knew that that would be my focus, but I have also included a bow and a spotty, dotty background of sorts.

How will you be inspired, I wonder?

Supplies Used:

Mama Elephant 'Tags A Lot'

Embossing Folder:
Sheena Douglass 'Snowfall'

Uniko 'Pure Florals/Cosmos'

Stazon 'Black'
Holtz/Distress 'Pumice Stone'
Holtz/Distress 'Broken China'
Holtz/Distress 'Stormy Sky'

Enamel dots from stash
Crafter's Companion/Spray and Sparkle 'Pearl Diamond'

Challenge I'm Entering...

(It's another 'all snippets' make from me)!

Have a good weekend...
and stay warm and well if you possibly can.

'Bye for now...

Donna. x


  1. You certainly did try x What a gentle, gorgeous tag/bookmark you've made, with the prettiest and delicate of colours. Great idea to dual up and use it as a bookmark and love the tassel x

    1. Thank you, Mac. It's cold here today.
      Looking forward to Spring!!! X

  2. Another beautiful tag from you Donna. I love the gentle blue inking at the edge as it makes a nice frame for the pretty flowers.

    Wishing you many GOOD days ahead.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hi Sarn.
      Thank you for your always kind words. X
      Hugs to you, too...

  3. Your pretty flowers, paired with the fabulous 'spotty, dotty' background, make for one incredibly gorgeous bookmark! I'd definitely find it a home in, likely, a love-themed novel. The tassel: only fantastic! Wishing you warm days and sunshine; sending you a whole bunch of hugs!

    1. Warm days and sunshine... I miss those when they're gone!
      Thank you for your very kind words, my TYI 'bloggy buddy'.
      Hugs to you, too. X

  4. Such a Beautiful tag Donna! Love your embossed bg and wonderful flowers! Hugs!

    1. Karin... Your tag is one of the cutest and prettiest I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Thank you so much for being our Featured Artist for this challenge. Hugs to you, too. X

  5. Gorgeous tag Donna, love the soft inking, Cathy x

    1. Thank you, Cathy.
      Have a good weekend. :)

  6. Donna what a lovely, you do them so well. That is why I keep you on the team! ;) P.S. the engagement card is fabulous!

    1. Well, I'm glad I have at least one redeeming feature!
      Enjoy your weekend. x

  7. Oh I wish I were a tag maker ... though I am tempted, and truly inspired, it just always ends up on a shelf ... most often because I don't buy presents? Ha! Your tag is truly gorgeous, Donna, and inspiring - truly! I'll be watching for updates!

  8. Gorgeous work on his this super Tag Donna, love this flower and details.
    Hugs Pam x

  9. Beautiful Donna my dear friend! Beautiful AND practical ... Bonus! I too, hate throwing hand made items away (I have a compartment in my wardrobe testifying to that ;)) I have to confess to not knowing quite what to do to decorate a tag - too little space - I suppose! I will have to CASE some of yours to see if it helps me to 'learn' what to do! Have a wonderful weekend! Hazel xx

    1. Start with a big tag, Hazel... and once you are comfortable with that try downsizing just a little. Then soon you'll be able to do all size and shaped tags!
      PS... Still highly suspicious about the lack of photo's. It's almost as if you had too much fun playing to tidy!!!
      Enjoy your weekend. X

  10. Love the soft and gentle look of your bookmark/tag Donna. You really are such a perfect crafter, everything is always so beautiful - wonderfully displayed and photographed as well.

    Hugs from a very warm and sunny Portugal - so far that is :)

    Di xx

    1. Lol... you should have seen the photo's from my 26 day Christmas tag marathon last year. No time to take pics at the time so did several over three or four days. Lots of those were 'make do' shots!
      I was thinking about you on Thursday. It must be lovely being in the sun!
      Enjoy your 'me time' my lovely blog friend.
      Donna. X

  11. This is so pretty, Donna! It definitely should not be thrown away! Love the soft tones and the black "skirt"! Awesome tassel too!

    1. Hi Bonnie.
      I always forget that my very, very dark brown card that I often use looks black. Do you think I should mention it in 'supplies used' or do you think it doesn't matter?
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by... x

  12. Finally getting caught up a bit with reading/commenting. Your tag/bookmark is beautiful, Donna! Those flowers are so delicate, and I love the contrast in color in the center of the flowers. My tags usually find their way onto a card, but I love you bookmark idea! Thank you for sharing your story on your mini-blog. I know you do it for your daughter and yourself, and that would be enough, but you never know how it may impact others. I remember listening to Temple Grandin (a woman with autism) speak at a sensory integration conference in San Antonio. Her life story has opened so many doors and changed the way we "see" autism.

    1. Hi Kara,
      Thank you... The contrast of the flower centres was the closest I could get to matching the colour of Karin's heart on her tag. The first attempt was a hot pink that looked bright red and didn't work at all!
      I've read some of Temple Grandin's work. She's the woman who adapted some cattle machinery and turned it into a 'hug' machine for deep pressure - I think that's how the story went.
      My daughter's gone and I'm doubtful I'll ever see her again... If I can spare just one person from going through this that will be enough. That's the hope...
      Have a good week. X

  13. lovely, happy neaw year
    hello from california

  14. Beautiful tag, love it's inkiness and fabulous design x

  15. Popping in to check up on you! Are you doing okay? Hoping so! Hugs and love coming your way from 'very' cold Alberta!

    1. Hello, my beautiful friend. :)
      I've been making... but haven't edited or posted anything yet! Need to play catch up on FB and blogs first. (Only managed Instagram today).
      Doing ok. I'll post an update soon, but no change re 'Milly'.
      Thanks for thinking of me.
      Stay warm. X

  16. This is a really beautiful bookmark/tag and I'm sure it will be used with great joy by the recipient. I love the delicate colouring and the embossing looks so pretty as a background. It's good to see it being used on something other than Christmas cards.