Friday, 7 April 2017

'Googly Eyes' Pom Pom Creature, Folded Tag, All Ages

As many of you know, the challenge at Tag You're It is always based around a design made especially for us.
You don't have to CASE it, but in order to play along you must find something about it that inspires you - and then tell us, please tell us in your write up somewhere.

We don''t always know just by looking!

Well today, our Featured Artist (Hello Joyce) used a Pom Pom!!! 
 So I couldn't help but make this 'Pom Pom Creature Feature' tag...


It would have been rude not to!

And speaking of rude...  my husband took one look at this tag and responded dryly with 
'how old are you'?

I know how old I am, thank you very much (although I must confess that one year neither my husband or I could actually remember how old we were and spent far longer than I care to admit on trying to figure it out.  And we are both the same age). 

But I digress!

I simply responded with...  'You do remember why I've made this tag, don't you'?
'It's for my DT at Tag You're It and the inspiration piece used a Pom Pom'.

And him?  
He has a new phrase he likes to quote at me.
'I only remember useful information'!!!

So all ideas of retorts to this statement are welcome.
Be creative, dry, funny...  whatever works for you.

All I know is that 'useful information ' is a subjective terminology at best...  and 'useful' doesn't necessarily mean helpful now, does it? 


Let me show you the Inspiration Tag set for this challenge...

Now that's One.  Big.  Large.  Fluffy.  Pom Pom!!!
You do see why it would have been rude to ignore it, don't you?

Now I could be clever and tell you that I knowingly took inspiration from the cat for my Pom Pom that has eyes and feet, but if I did it was purely on a subliminal level.

I simply saw a Pom Pom and ran with the idea...  and only later when contemplating how to incorporate it into the actual tag design did I stop and think that sometimes a part of 'never giving up' (the stamped sentiment on Joyce's tag)
actually involves having something, however small it is, to smile about.
So based on this thinking, my Pom Pom Creature takes centre stage with room on the inside to write/read a little note of encouragement or to send some love.

As you can see, I've made a two colour Pom Pom - just like Joyce did, but my 'inking' is a pattern through a stencil instead.  
I've kept a little of the pink, too...  but used hot pink and bright green rather than pink and red.
 But it's still just the two colours, though!
Joyce's tag base colour matches the colour tone of her Pom Pom and so does mine.

And as for how I made my folded tag?

Elongate one Spellbinders 'Deckled Rectangle' die cut.
Use a Tim Holtz 'Notch Punch' and punch at one short end.
Fold other short end of card up and into the Notch to make a small folded tag.
Cut a standard size Spellbinders 'Deckled Rectangle'. 
Glue to underside of folded tag.
Add a hole punch.
Decorate using a Tim Holtz 'Splatters' stencil with Colorbox 'Frost White' pigment ink.
Add a piece of twine/leather cord.

Oh yes...  and as for the Pom Pom feet?
They are from a die set made by Marianne Designs Collectables series called
'Eline's Hedgehog'.
And if you don't have these (or any feet) I'm pretty sure a heart shape will work just as well.

So that was 'easy peasy', wasn't it?
And if you don't have a Notch Punch you could always move the Pom Pom Creature forward on the tag and use the base of its feet as the 'fastener'.
(Just be sure to add a card backing to the feet if using felt - I don't see felt feet holding anything in place otherwise).  

I know that one of my team mates on this challenge will love this little guy just as much as I do.
Can you guess who that might be?
And did you notice him (my Pom Pom Creature) saying 'hello' to you?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Come and join us if you can.

I know I've been quiet lately.  Will fill you in on a future post...

Donna. x


  1. Donna thank you so much for finding time to pop into my blog and leave such kind and generous comments...You where missed x Such a fun post today, loved reading about what your husband thought about your pom pom!Great take on Joyce's tag. Thank you for the step by step and thank you for bringing a smile to my face x

    1. Bless you, Mac. You need to add a 'Follow by Email' button for me - you and Barb (who I have to catch up with today. You see, I save the emails and use them to catch up with people's posts... then I know I haven't missed any out. x
      As for my husband? Bad him! But he helps with my photo's. x

  2. I had a good laugh at your post today Donna. It's like some of the conversations I have with my hubby. I do love a sarcastic sense of humour. I was once shocked when a friend said we were always arguing. My reply was "we hardly ever argue". You see to us it's just banter but probably may be seen differently by some outsiders. oh well! But I do think your pom pom tag is super cute Janice. Barbxx

    1. I was just writing about you! On my way to finally catch up with your posts. Been ill/tied up for most of March so behind yet again! All explained in my next post - also Husband related! x
      Given your past, I suspect the banter helps. It helps us a little, anyway. x

  3. And there's me calling you the wrong name. Sorry Donna! guess who I last visited! Hugs, Barbxx

    1. I did notice! Published your response so others can see you did, too!!!

  4. I had to giggle at your husbands response!! Men...what do they know when it comes to crafting cuteness!! This is FUN FUN FUN!!

    1. I'm going to have to say 'Nothing... absolutely nothing'. That's my response to what men know about crafting cuteness!
      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.
      Enjoy your weekend. x

  5. well, your cute little pom pom monster just made me smile so big! What a fabulous creation and so fun reading all about it! Your hub...chuckling...

    1. Hi Pam.
      Glad he made you smile.
      Bad husband!!!
      Enjoy your weekend, my friend. X

  6. I think your Pompom tags is gorgeous Donna, those eyes!!! soo cute and fabulous colours. plus made me laugh. x lol
    Shame on your hubby, sounds just like mine!!! funny we are the same age too..
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Hi Pam 🙂
      I couldn't make a serious tag with a Pom Pom on it. Doesn't suit my style. So opting for cute was my only option!
      And yes, big oversized eyes just do all the work, don't they?
      Bought some cheap (very cheap) Pom Pom makers in case I ever have to make one again!!!

  7. I love it, Donna! Who couldn't just smile when they see your tag?! That pompom pal takes me back to the 70s when we called them warm fuzzies! We used to give them to each other on the play ground and they'd make their rounds.

    1. What a fantastic name for them, Kara.
      I typed it in to the search engine and there they were, a whole collection of them! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by... x

  8. Hi Donna . . . LOVING this cute pom pom tag. Definitely bought a smile to my face, so thanks for that.

    Have been racking my brains for a decent response to the "I only remember useful information" comment, but haven't come up with anything sufficient yet!

    Glad you and your husband are over your colds. Hope the boiler got fixed PDQ!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hi Sarn 🙂

      Boiler needs replacing, so still without heat except for a gas fire in the lounge for the evenings. It may be warm and sunny outside, but house anything but!
      Possibly being replaced Tuesday, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow.

      Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

      Glad Pom Pom dude brought a smile to your face. X

  9. On the response to husband's info comment: how about the following-

    So do I, and it's a good job I remember to LOVE you then!

    You can substitute the word "LOVE" for "COOK FOR" or anything else appropriate to your relationship!

    Yeah, that'll do it! xxx

    1. Fabulous!
      Just as well I can count on you.
      Off to do some last minute editing and hopefully squeeze in to the playground before the gates are closed. xxx

  10. I simply adore your little pom pom critter--he is so adorable, and suitable for any age. Even and especially those who need to go through some heavy thinking to determing their age (pointing at myself as guilty!!) Love seeing how my tag inspired your wonderful tag. Such a treat for me to see and read about. I'm glad you didn't give up.

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce.
      Enjoy your weekend. xxx

  11. Adorable tag! Very cute Pom Pom critter!