Saturday, 2 February 2019

Cherish The Memory, Lemoncraft, 3 Panel Card

It's certainly cold outside today!

The poor birds in my garden have been pecking away at bird baths that are freezing over far too quickly.

But I do go out and add hot water several times a day to help them out as best I can!

In an effort to ignore the cold I've made a Spring/Summer themed 3 panel card, adding touches of ink and paint splatters for a pretty mixed media look.

I'm hoping for a very short Winter.

How about you?



Vintage Time 


Studio Light

Summer Feelings 


Huge thanks if you've had the time to stop by today.

Stay warm!


Donna. x


  1. You have certainly succeeded in making a spring time mixed media card, it is beautiful xx

  2. This is absolutely stunning Donna....beautiful xx