Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pine Cone Collage Picture Frame, Enchanted Deer, Christmas

I've used my all time favourite die from last year's (2016) Memory Box September release and paired it with one of this years Holiday release dies to create something just a little bit different...   a 'Picture Frame' - complete with attached easel.

Here's a few photo's so you get an idea of the depth created just by layering up a few die cuts between thin frames...

I did consider making this as a Diorama card, but opted for durability over any other consideration in the end.  Plus what's the point in buying an Easel die if I'm not going to get lots of use out of it? 
 Have stash.  Use stash.  
Doesn't that give us "Crafter's" some Brownie Points somewhere along the way?!!


You want to know how it was made?

I'll mix things up a bit from my usual format and give you the list of supplies used first.

Supplies Used:

Memory Box 'Enchanted Deer' Collage
Memory Box 'Pinecone Collage'
Mama Elephant 'Peek A Frame' Creative Cuts
Sizzix/Bigz 'Small Easel'

Holtz/Distress Ink:
Ground Expresso
Walnut Stain
Hickory Smoke
Pumice Stone

Embossing Folders:
Darice 'Tattered Page'
Sizzix/Texture Fades 'Birch Trees'

Recycled acetate (from craft packaging)
Pebeo Gilding Wax - Silver
Crafter's Companion 'Spray and Sparkle' - Pearl Diamond

First of all, I inked up two pieces of card stock with the brown shades of ink.  (I already had a 'mock' cut out of the Enchanted Deer Collage die so used that to help gauge where I wanted more/less ink to go).

Once happy with them, cut just the one Enchanted Deer to size - not both.  These die 'cut outs' need to match up exactly so get the one sorted (using your embossing folder for dimensions) before getting the other one to size.

Leave to one side, and using the Pinecone Collage die with another piece of card, cut out either a random pattern that you like or one like mine where there are no 'free floating' branches to be seen.

Then ink up yet another piece of card using the grey shades of ink.

With me so far..?

Now leave all of that to one side for a minute and make the frames that will be used to sandwich the layers together. 
 I used the biggest two dies from the Mama Elephant 'Peek A Frame' set to make two frames - and I doubled up the layers (which means cut out four - not two).  The main thing here is that the frames made are the same size as the Enchanted Deer 'cut outs' - and that they aren't too thick.  Even with mine I had to trim off a tiny piece that was peeking through into the 'picture'.

Whilst the glue on the frames dries, emboss one of the Enchanted Deer die cuts using the 'Tattered Page' Embossing Folder and emboss the Pinecone Collage 'cut out' piece using the 'Birch Trees' Embossing Folder. 

If everything hasn't been cut to the same size, do that now.

Then cut out a piece of card thick enough to be your base.  My easel has also been cut out from the same cardboard so the colours match.  (The thicker, the better.  I used some recycled 'grey board' used as packaging that came with some of my craft goodies.  Wish I knew how to get hold of this stuff commercially as my store of it is limited).

Now it's sandwich making time...

Glue the grey inked piece to the card base.

Then glue on one of the frames.

Now add the Pinecone Collage Cut out, gluing that just to the frame - nowhere else.

Now comes a tricky part...

Hold your two Enchanted Deer Collage 'cut outs' together - both facing the right way up and the embossed one on the top. Turn both upside down whilst still being held as one piece so that glue is on the underside of the bottom layer only.  Now turn both back the right way up - whilst still holding them together.  
(The trick here is to hold on to this die cut 'sandwich' in such a way that the two 'die cuts' look as one.  Once you've got that sorted, match up the edges of the 'sandwich' with the parts already glued into place).  
Press firmly 'round the edges and then put that top, unglued die cut to one side for a minute.

Add that second frame and glue into place - being sure that you won't be able to see any of it once that final 'die cut' is on the top.

Now I made a choice at this stage to add my acetate to the back of the Enchanted Deer Collage 'die cut' before spraying on the glitter.  It gives the grey of the pinecones a softer look - not that dissimilar to when you add vellum over bright, bold colours to tone them down.
So either do as I did and add the acetate before spraying or spray now, leave to dry and then add that acetate layer. 
 But either way, add a smidge of gilding wax along the edges first - where the 'Tattered Pages' are showing.  It just adds that 'someting extra'...

Once it's all been sandwiched together I suggest you put it under some weight for a while - and add the easel into place on the back at some point after it's all had plenty of time to dry.

Then, once completely dry, add some very thin Kraft card slivers to the sides of this frame to cover over the sandwiched layered edges and make it more 'frame like' in appearance.  


...  and the perfect thing to add to my craft stall for Christmas...

This was made to play along with the latest Memory Box Challenge.

Challenge #26

I play here often as I love their dies!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today...

Donna. x


  1. So very handsome, Donna! All that work paid off, my friend!

    1. Thank you, my lovely friend. Will do a quick post tomorrow and then start on some catch up. Can't manage too much in one sitting, but don't want to miss anything/anyone out.
      Hope you are well.
      Sending squishes your way... xxx

  2. What an incredible creation, Donna! It will make a wonderful yearly Christmas decoration! Thank you for taking the time to give us the in-depth instructions!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Thank you, sweet lady.
      On a mission to start catching up (yet again) tomorrow.
      I appear to have Rheumatism and Carpel Tunnel symptoms - have had for a few months now. Ordered splints as using a hot water bottle every evening isn't enough - so I'm constantly behind and not happy about it!
      (Hoping it will improve once Summer is over as believe linked to my Histamine issues - which play up big time during Hayfever season).
      Wish I had your strength of character.
      I take it all your stuffing is firmly back in place?
      Give Hammy a hug from me...
      Donna. Xxx

  3. What a wonderful creation Donna. You've got a beautiful decoration which you can enjoy for Christmas for many years to come. It sounds as if you could have done with two pairs of hands to get everything together properly. Certainly worth your work. It's stunning. Barbxx

    1. Thank you, Barb.
      Hubby thinks I need to start doing YouTube video's. Bless him. He's trying to be supportive, but I can't see anyone watching them so I'll have to link them from here, I think!
      If the other pair of hands and wrists are pain free and not stiff then I'll just do a straight swap for those, please! I can craft fine, but computer work causes issues if I do too much.

  4. Beautiful scene you have created my dear friend, lovely inking on those wonderful deer and tree surround, love this Donna.
    Sorry you are still having issues with your wrists and hands.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Hi Pam.
      Did my own research online and stumbled across an article about foods that aggravate RA - about a week after trying out cottage cheese for the first time in years. That's when I made the link that it was definitely RA and CTS - and I'm in no hurry to try out cottage cheese ever again. As my dizzy spells have been awful lately (histamine) I'm reasoning that both should ease off in the next month or so, but decided I need splints to help on bad days and when using the computer. Resting doesn't help much unless extremely bad, and like you I overdo it!
      Been busy at the new house?
      Donna. X

  5. Love all your attention to detail Donna sweet friend! Your step-by-step is so instructive that it makes me feel that I could give it a try . . . alas, I don't have that kind of talent! A fabulous creation! Have a good week! Love & Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

    1. I beg to differ. I have that card you sent me... remember? Now that's talent, Hazel. Mine's just some inked up layers of die cuts. Nothing special - just inked and embossed die cuts.
      Sending hugs to you, too... xxx

  6. This is such a pretty card. I love the design. Thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.

    Cathie ♥

    1. Thanks again, Cathie.
      So kind of you to stop by. 🙂🙂🙂

  7. Beautiful! Thanks so much for participating in the Die Cut Divas Challenge this time and good luck :)

  8. Gorgeous! You should do some YouTube videos!

    1. Lol! On my list of things to start doing soon.
      Thank you... x

  9. SUPERB. Lots of work but worth it. xxx

    1. Even hubby liked this one... and trust me - that IS high praise indeed!
      But bless him, he's learning not to throw things away that I can reuse. He even remembers to check with me sometimes and came home from work with a lovely sturdy box for me to decorate.
      But then he ruins it by saying things like 'it's no worse than I've seen anyone else make'!
      I'm sure you understand. xxx