Thursday, 28 June 2018

8x8 Display Piece, Wedding, Birds & Butterflies

It's a warm/hot sunny week here this week.

Our garden is playing host to several sparrow families right now.

We saw the same last year...  

The gathering of nesting supplies, followed by what feels like a very short time later groups of young all sticking together as they learn to fend for themselves.

What we find most comical is the 'fluttering of feathers' that fledglings do as they display their "I'm hungry" signals to their parents.  Some of these 'fluff puffs' (as I like to call them) look so much bigger than their parents that it's quite obvious they are just taking liberties.  
They really should just jolly well go feed themselves!

My easel backed display piece also echoes a nature theme...

It's a style I'm learning to adjust to, but it doesn't sit well in my comfort zone - and it certainly doesn't photograph very well!

But commissioned work is paid work - so if I'm asked to do this style then that's what I'll do!

Wherever you are, I hope life is treating you kindly...


Donna. x

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