Thursday, 27 December 2018

Cherish The Memory, Studio Light, Enjoy Winter

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't 'do' Winter.

I'm small and thin...  and I have a health condition that is quite literally exacerbated anytime I get cold.

Yet this Photo Topper that I'm using as the focus of today's project was just far too pretty to leave tucked away in a drawer somewhere...

...  so here I am, showing you a design that celebrates the season I hate most of all!

If you like this card you'll be please to know that Cherish The Memory still has these items in stock.

I've included the links below to take you straight there, but do stop by for a quick look around as there are many pretty items to choose from.

Happy Shopping!


Studio Light

Winter Trails

Industrial 2.0



Donna. x


  1. I do like the distressed look around your card edging. Love Studio light products too. I hate the winter months as well. I have poor circulation and constantly have cold feet and a cold nose which causes nose bleeds. Roll on Spring and summer. Hugs Mrs A.

    1. I hear you, Mrs A!
      I think it's those of us who have health related issues around Winter that hate it the most. Our Summer heatwave last year was the best I had felt for a long time - I'm guessing it may have been the same for you?
      I read about Silver lined gloves, socks, etc helping on a thread about a month ago. I've never tried them but others do swear by them as helping.
      But I'm guessing you've tried pretty much everything over the years?
      Take care, Mrs A...
      ... And yes... roll on Spring!
      Hugs. x

  2. A beautiful winter's card - love the topper x