Saturday, 14 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Tell The Bees, Flowers, Lace + Twine

My card for today shares another idea on how to use Craft Consortium's 'Tell The Bees' Collection - which includes a beautiful, muted palette of papers that can be dressed up or down with ease.

As you can see, I've opted for a card with a bright pop of colour, plenty of texture, flowers...  and of course those bees!

Want to see the back of it?

It's not as complicated as it looks...  honestly it isn't!
Let me explain...

Take the front cover off the paper pad - removing the topper section for use another day - and cut the front cover into four equal pieces.
(I used the top left section, trimming it to size to fit a standard 5" square card).

Then I tore off a section before getting out my circle dies.

I used one circle to cut away the logo, one to cut a tiny hole near the bottom...   and the third circle (the biggest of the three) was used to cut some circles from the gorgeous patterned paper.
I chose to layer up four of these circles to create a panel with some extra strength - gluing two from the front and two from the back of the front cover to create a sandwich - but don't do this part yet as you need to decorate it first!
(I wrapped around some lace, then added flowers, leaves, more twine and a sequin to mine).

The 'twine circle' at the top was made using one strand of twine (cut to length and simply untwist).
I used high tack double sided tape to hold the ends of the strands in place, and then simply layered them across each other.

Then glue some bees into place.
(I always layer up my bees by turning the 'cut out' upside down and then drawing around it onto scrap card.  Cut out three or four per bee to add visual interest...

...  and add some extra flowers, sequins and a piece of lace ribbon...

...  a scrap of 'Tell The Bees' paper to go underneath the tiny hole...

...  plenty of foam pads...

...  and mount everything into place on a card that already has a piece of the patterned paper glued on to it.
(I favour 'tatty/distressed' edges - as you can see)!

All done.


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Tell The Bees
Premium Paper Pad
Linen Cotton Ribbons

Santoro - Kori Kumi
Raffia Cord Set
Floral Die Collection

Always & Forever
Resin Flowers - Ivory
Elegant Lace Ribbon - Heart Chain
Adhesive Pearls - 5mm


As always, thank you so much for stopping by today...
I hope I've given you some useful ideas on how to use your 'Tell The Bees' Collection for yourself.

'Bye for now...

Donna. x


  1. Fabulous attention to detail as ever Donna my friend! Have a great weekend! Luv & Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  2. I love what you do with all of these beautiful bits, and bobs... just wonderful!

    1. This is pure playtime for me.. and a great excuse to try out ideas!
      Thank you for stopping by, lovely.
      Enjoy your weekend. 😘😊

  3. I think this is my new favorite of your cards, Donna! There is so much detail for the eyes to drink in without it being cluttered and overdone, as my layered cards seem to end up! This is perfectly balanced and colored, and I love the whimsy and color!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Awww... thank you Darnell.