Friday, 6 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Tell The Bees, Quick Card Make Using Ribbon Trims

I'm conscious that not everybody has a whole heap of time to spend on making a card, so today's post shares a quick and simple idea that should be easy to put together.

Guess I should show you the card first!

... In fact, it's so easy that I haven't included any step by step photo's today - but I do have one tip to share with you... 

See that piece of mulberry paper with those soft, fluffy edges?

That was achieved by tearing and then using a 'Pick Tool/Craft Pick/Pokey Tool' to tease around the edges.  (Seriously, just how many names does this little craft item have exactly)?

Here's a few more close up shots...

...  and a list of Craft Consortium supplies used:

Tell The Bees:

Santoro - Kori Kumi:

Just in case you want/need it, here's the 'How To' guide...


Take a piece of Kraft card and cut it slightly smaller than your card base, then score it at the centre going from top to bottom and again from left to right.

Cut a piece of red card to size (A6), emboss it using the hearts folder and then glue into place.

Cut and/or tear a piece of the Tell The Bees Paper Pad to size.  Then, using clear embossing ink followed by white embossing powder,  add three bees from the stamp set near the bottom right corner. 

Glue into place (adding a second layer behind just to reinforce the part that pokes off the edge).

Wrap around a piece of linen ribbon and secure from the back.

Then, add the flower ribbon.
(You should hopefully be able to see that I haven't completely glued this piece down - choosing instead to add some extra dimension by having it loose at one point).

Cut out a bee hive from the Paper Pad packaging, layer it up (turn it upside down, draw around it, cut and glue into place) and put into position.

Do the same with the bees.  (These were cut from one of the many gorgeous Tell The Bees Paper Pads sheets of paper).

Add the mulberry paper that's been stamped on with the honeycomb image.

Glue the whole card front into position...  

...  job done!


As I said, a quick make.  
But a quick make that still manages to squeeze in some texture and dimension.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your day...

Donna. x


  1. I love how just as much work goes into your "quick and easy" cards as my "complicated and layered" cards! Always a great step-by-step explanation too my friend! LOVE that fluffy mulberry paper (I didn't know you could still get it?) I would love those bees too, but they are so realistic that it scares me to look at them, (after my recent experience with insects that sting!) Have a wonderful day my friend! Love & Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

    1. Hello, lovely! (I did say on IG that it was quick make for me)!!!
      I bought the Mulberry Paper a few years ago on eBay. Many, many colours were available (and bought by me). I'm fairly sure I still have the link if you are interested?
      Poor you getting stung. So far, I haven't ever had to endure that particular nasty experience...
      Enjoy your weekend...
      Donna. x

  2. Mmmm not sure on the quick card Donna!.. like me I bet it took an age to get the look you where after.. looks gorgeous!!! beatiful layout and theme.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. It was quick for me, Pam!
      Enjoy your weekend. X

  3. Gorgeous card Donna!! I love the mulberry paper idea! Sure I have some 'put away safe' in my stash LOL! Hugs, Mary x

    1. I suspect many of us have a stash of Mulberry Paper hiding away! I love its texture - regardless of whether it's in fashion or not!
      Thanks for stopping by, Mary.
      Have a lovely weekend. 🙂