Tuesday, 14 November 2017

8x8 Wedding Cards, Tuxedo - To Be Signed On Front, CAS

Thank goodness for the wealth and breadth of talent that gets posted on Pinterest...  it certainly saved my bacon this week!


Because what else do you do when you already have DT craft commitments and you're making a Christmas themed tag a day for 26 days straight and your husband comes home from work and casually mentions something about needing two wedding themed cards for men...  saying something about needing one in the next few weeks and the other in a few months - only to be nagged by me into giving exact dates so I can factor them in to my schedule...

...  and then telling me on a Wednesday afternoon that he needs them both by the following Monday so that people in the office can have two days to sign them?!!

Of course I could have just said 'no'...

It was an option.

But what sort of self respecting crafter says 'no' to making a card?

It just somehow feels wrong.

And then there's the guilt...

So here they are...

Please forgive the quality of the photo's.  I used shiny black card and shiny buttons on a plain white card base - that's never easy to photograph.

As you can see, these are exactly the same design - just slightly different in terms of how they were dressed up.

One's a pinstripe.
 (That inspiration may have happened accidentally when I followed through on a scoreline rather than stopping mid point - but I'm denying everything.  I was sleep deprived after all).  
I go through periods of bad sleep these days and had three nights in a row where I was asleep by 9/9.30pm and then up from around 2.
I normally average that much sleep anyway, but when your body clock decides to wreak havoc for a few days crafting mistakes tend to happen!

Fortunately for me, one of the two men in question for these cards was definitely a pinstripe kind of guy anyway!

 Other than that, it's just a case of adding different sized and shape buttons, different thread and different colour flowers...

I used every minute of daylight I had to spare on these...  deciding that as I didn't have time to make anything other than CAS I would need to focus on the detailing instead.
(No, I am not a quick crafter at all)!

See those threaded buttons?
I seriously hate sewing...  and it's even worse when you're using invisible thread.
That stuff just curls everywhere, doesn't it?

And sewing hurts my hands...  never mind my back and neck if I do it for too long.

(See why I don't like it)?
But this was a case of needs must.

Those of you that are awake and have had your morning coffee (or equivalent) will have undoubtedly noticed that this card base is a little unusual.  
And just for the record...

I don't set out to be 'different' or 'quirky' or 'unusual' - that just happens all by itself.
Honestly it does!

In this instance, I just factored in that such a plain design would look too 'lost' on a full 8x8 card front - never mind a little dull...

...  so I chopped off the front at the midway point and attached the Tuxedo to the centre - but I only attached it to that small part of the opening flap.

Which doesn't leave an awful lot of room for around 15 people to sign behind, does it?

But you see...
I'm not expecting them to just sign behind the card front - I'm expecting them to sign all over the card front.

That way, the signatures become part of the design.

Too 'off the wall'?

Oh well.  

I've done it anyway!!!

I won't include a specific Pinterest link as I used elements from several tuxedo designs to create my own template.
(Here's the link...   See what I mean)? 

So I guess the question is this...
Would I make it again?

Yes...  especially now that I've got the dimensions of everything to size.
(Just don't ask how long it took to tweak the tuxedo template to suit - never mind the shirt, or the buttons or the dicky bow die cuts that I spent time layering up that were perfectly proportioned... until I chose those lapel flowers/buttonieres).

Just as well I had a stash of real buttons to turn to...  

Well, that's my craft drama over!

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Thanks for stopping by...

Donna. x


  1. You have made two fabulous male Wedding cards here Donna! bet Steve really appreciate them! hope you get the feedback you deserve from the office. Stunning makes.
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Thanks, Pam. A few of Steve's work colleagues know I make cards and the rest don't realise or even think about where they come from!
      Red one seems more popular on Instagram. I posted both separately to see!

  2. wow!!!! these cards are AMAZING!!! love the idea!!!
    Thank you for playing along with us over Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, we all hope to see you again!
    x Zoey