Friday, 20 April 2018

Craft Consortium 'Wildflower Meadow' Card, 8x8, Hello

As most of you know, I'm happiest cutting into my cards to create apertures...  or adding quirky angles that poke off the edges...  or distressing my edges and tearing into my card for that 'tatty/shabby chic' look.  

I guess one out of four isn't so bad!

But I figured that perhaps not everyone likes to add apertures or feels that confident in doing so sometimes...  so today's make that I'm showing was an experiment in taking my 'cut out' apertures idea but doing so in reverse.  

So instead of cutting out I am building up - with layers.

And I'm adding texture differently today, too.  With selective embossing and lace.

Oh...  and in case I forget to mention it later, when you see the stamped 'Hello' (below) please bear in mind that this was cut from a rectangular piece of stamped card that will feature in a future blog post.
(I'm a minimal 'craft waste' girl, I'll have you know.  And if stamping this way gives me enough for the basis of two cards then I'm a very happy bunny indeed)!

So here it is, my 8x8 experiment...

For those of you who haven't been online lately,  this is the brand new 'Wildflower Meadow' collection from Craft Consortium

As you can see, it's an incredibly beautiful new collection, so it should come as no surprise to you that it's currently sold out.

 But never fear, it will be back in stock on the 25th April at 8am (GMT) on Create and Craft TV.


Thanks for stopping by today...

If you have any questions about  how this was made, please feel free to email me.

'Bye for now.

Donna. x


  1. What a pleasant surprise having you pop into my inbox! and in such a gorgeous way! This is really lovely, Donna, no other way to stack it!

    1. Thank you, my friend.
      Yes, been MIA - ‘‘twas long overdue but needed.
      Enjoy your day. X

  2. Great to see you back in Blogland, Donna! This is a stunning work of art, large enough and gorgeous enough to be hanging on the wall! Great job!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Thank you, Darnell.
      Was thinking of you the other day. You still moving?

  3. Fantastic card Donna, love the details and lace..
    Hugs Pam x

    1. Afternoon, Pam.
      Guess you are on a lunch break?
      Thank you. X